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This wiki is for speculative plans and ideas for and relating to Brexit.

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UK location in the EU 2016.svg

The UK (orange) and the rest of the EU (blue).

On 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom voted in an advisory referendum on whether to leave the European Union (EU), or remain in the EU - a referendum that returned the largely unexpected result of leave. This is now commonly known as Brexit, a portmanteau of the words Britain and exit, referring to Britain's exit from the EU. During Donald Trump's successful campaign for the United States presidency in 2016, he tweeted on 18 August "They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT!", associating himself with the movement. Later during the same campaign, he stated that his election would be "Brexit plus" and "Brexit times five".

It is clear that a large part of the public imagination in both the UK and the US has been captivated by the mythos surrounding Brexit. Nigel Farage stated on the day after the referendum that it would "go down in history as our Independence Day", likening Brexit to the day that the United States gained its independence from the UK.

This wiki is concerned with making a success of Brexit. It aims to be neither pro- nor anti-Brexit; instead, it acknowledges the likely reality that Brexit will happen, and aims to assemble a compendium of thoughts and ideas relating to Brexit, with the hope that this will help to advance the public discussion of the subject, perhaps leading to wider acceptance of some of the more radical and beneficial proposals, while helping to keep people well-informed about the potential accompanying dangers and how they may be mitigated.

Some of the ideas on this wiki may seem very unlikely and outlandish - that's okay, all (clean) ideas are welcome here. This wiki is probably best thought of as a collection of thought-experiments.

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